Zerrowtech is a platform to learn digital stuff and we launch our own new techs to the web. It was founded by Praveen Manoharan, India. We create some SEO tools to help digital marketers to automate their works by Digiterbee where digital marketers can do SEO technical works like sitemap generator, meta tag generator, google rank checker, keyword density checker, and more. Currently, design a Facebook Messenger automation tool to make an e-business executive for your business. Go to Facebook Page to know how it will work for you.

Praveen Manoharan


Hi, i have 3 years of experience in Digital marketing. Worked in different sectors like FMCG, Health Care, Jewels, Food Industry, Media, this gives me an good knowledge in digital world. I have worked in the domains like Search engine analyst, Social media marketer, and digital marketing manager. I have creating some Web Apps with my python coding knowledge. Digiterbee is an platform where anyone can do website On-page technical works, and also we have facebook messenger automation platform. I’m working on customizing the technologies to my own comfort.

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