SEO Terms you should know about

seo terms you should know about - zerrowtech

Hey hi, Today i like to share some of the SEO Terms, every digital marketer should know about,

Search Engine: A search engine is a website which allows users to search for content on the internet. For example: Google, or Bing

Crawling: The process search engines take to discover new web pages on the internet.

Indexing: The storing and organizing of all the content found from Crawling

Ranking: Displaying search results in order of relevance to the search query

SERP: this stands for “Search Engine Results Page”, it is the page where search queries result will be display.

URL: This Stands for “uniform Resource Location”, it is used to specify the addresses for content on the web

KPI: This stands for key performance indicator, it is a measurable value that indicates how effectively a company is achieving goal.

Query: this is simply the words typed into a search engine to perform a search.

Organic: This is free result we get from the Website SEO and social media post reach is organic view.

Traffic: It describe the reach post/website get by posting on internet.

Google my business: It will create a knowledge panel for your business. it used to register your business in google search page.

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