Metrics should know for Facebook marketers

Metrics shouldknow for facebook markers by zerrowtech blog

Fb ads are more than just reach and leads. master these metrics, and level ip you ads game.

  1. Frequncy: Refers to the number of times a person sees your ad. Once you hit a frequency of 3, its time to consider a creative refresj. Higher frequencies increase the cost and your ad may no longer be profitable.
  2. CPC & CTR: Higher the ctrm lower the cpc, as fb rewards advertieser for running ads that are more relevant to their audiences. Low CTR indicates that your ad creative and/or audience targeting may be off.
  3. 75% video views: If you are running a video ad, this metric will help you identify viewers with a genuine interest in you product as it doesnt include random news feed scroll views and aciidental clicks.
  4. cost per lead./comversion: The cost per lead/conv differs for each industry,product, services target and loctaion. if they are higher than the genreal standards, yo;ll need to reexamine your ad strategy!
  5. return on Ad spens(ROAS) : ROAS measures the overalll revenue that resulted from money spent on ads. you can see the ROAS by setting up pixel codes for conversion tracking.
  6. Platform and placement: fb offers to show ads on fb messenger, instagram, audienc network, etc. undetstand which platform and pl;acement work the best ofr your brand and invest more in them.
  7. audience demographics: reviews you audience age, gender, region, the time they are most active, etc. this helps you to understand the audience persona and strategize you campaigns

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