Simple blackhole stimulation on the webpage

black hole zerrowtech

Hi, today we like to make a simple black hole stimulation website. We have andromeda galaxy and horsehead galaxy for the sample run, you can change your loved galaxy image.

It was made by using three.js and webGL. WebGL is a low-level JavaScript API that’s based on OpenGL ES 2.0 graphical API. It was developed by Khronos, which also created many versions of OpenGL. The WebGL API allows you to create real-time 3D graphics directly in your browser and, since it’s a web standard, it doesn’t require an installation of any plugins. Three.JS is the 3d platform on web.

Here is the link to get into the original source code. View Demo

In this, we will control the camera view and make a gravitational lens view on the image, which looks like a blackhole enter on that universe, by this stimulation you can understand the light travel and universe collapse on the image corners.

To change the universe image, go to line 40 and change the res/”image name”

new THREE.TextureLoader()).load("res/andromeda.jpeg", function (texture)

Of-course its very basic stimulation look on web. You can use it on any of your website if they need or if you need to add some special effect on your site. Thankyou!

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