Facebook New UI Update

facebook ui look by zerrowtech

Hey, there it’s me again, Everyone is getting a new User Interface(UI) for Facebook. here we will explain how to switch to the new UI of Facebook Desktop. if you don’t like the change, you switch back to the classic interface.

How to Enable Facebook’s New Interface:

  • Login to your profile on your desktop. Next click on the down arrow in the top-right corner of the interface.
  • And then select the “Switch To New Facebook” option. Then the page will refresh and the new interface design will load… Taadaa
  • Yeah, I know you got the welcome message for your first time.
  • Facebook was claiming that the new interface will load faster than before and visual its will be clear and easily readable text.
  • Some people (especially developers) like the dark mode while using the apps. So now you got that dark mode to your Facebook too., you can choose the look either or dark.
  • You can see the option from the same drop-down menu, then you can see the switch button for the dark mode. you can turn it on and off anytime you want.
  • We have a suggestion for Facebook for this dark mode. how about it will change to dark mode automatically after the sunset. so we can use Facebook under the bedsheets…….
  • if you have not satisfied with the new look or hard to find your menus? you can switch your look to an old classic view.
  • go back to the same top-right corner down arrow, and then look for “Switch to Classic Facebook”.

But once facebook decides to fix its design to a new look, then there is no going back to your old Interface. Try out Facebook UI design it really looks cool.

See you in the next blog…

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