Looking for free organic traffic to your website?


Hi everyone, now we talk about the website organic traffic. In search engine optimization we have some techniques to increase your web traffic.

Here we have some way to get organic traffic to your website:

1) Analytics:

When you running a business online you need to track the visitor’s details to enhance the website more convenient and relevant for users. The analytics we can know which keyword getting more audience to your site, which is useful for making content reliable for users.

Tools: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster.

2) Page Speed:

Each and every website must be accessible for every user, it must be easy to load to the audience, which helps to avoid customer. It will also help to get good value to your website on search engines.

Tool: Google Page Insight

3) Target Keyword:

A keyword is important to a website, which plays a key role in a website to get top rank in search engine results. At the other end, the search engine checks your desired keyword related information in its database and show the result listing pages according to the words submitted. these word s that are used to search anything called keywords or search terms. If you have used some search terms, you will know that even a single keyword shows a broad list of the required information.

        “It is also known as Query Term

Tool: Google keyword planner, Moz keyword planner, KWFinder, Semrush

4) Optimization:

Optimization is playing a key role in page performance, you have to Optimize Images, CSS and JS libraries to speed up your website. Google Insight also provides some optimization for your website and other than google insight there are plenty of websites available on the internet.

        Methods: Reduce the size of Images and library files and Alt Text for Images. 

5) Content:

Content Optimization in SEO means any information that lives on the web and can be consumed on the web.
It Must Have a minimum of 150 words on each page. Content on the webpage must be reliable and understandable by every user.
It must be using the keywords you have researched before, each of them used in the content in an appropriate place.

6) Social Media Engagement:
Engaging in social media will create a good experience for your audience. You have to more available to your customer. Interact them with Facebook post comments and tweets.

Top Social media sites:

> Facebook Pages,
> Twitter Profile,
> Instagram Account,
> Reddit,
> Pinterest, and
> Own Blog

7) Meta Tags:

Meta tags are important for a website to reach a more audience by the stretched title of the website and reliable keywords and description for each page, which leads to a good rank for your website.

  • Title – It must be 50 to 60 character length and it’s doesn’t contain stuff keywords. It must be a unique title.
  • Keyword – It must proper and reliable keywords, don’t use stuff keywords.
  • Description – Meta description must have 150 characters in length, it will show on search engine below the title of the page, which should describe what the website going to give.

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